Affordable & Gorgeous Flowercards…

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Stunning Gifts of Fresh Flowers in a Personalised Card, For Every Special Occasion.

From a Birthday Card to Wedding Anniversary Cards, flowercard.co.uk Fresh Flowercards are Hand Picked and Arranged to Order.

Flowercard.co.uk have been delivering unique floral greeting cards for over 10 years, and with over 100,000+ customers to date, they are the largest company in mail order flowers.

Affordable & Stunning Flower Card Gifts

With Over 10,000 Happy Testimonials, checkout flowercard.co.uk special gift flowers by post. You’ll find every single flower card is backed by their exclusive Flowercard Watertight Guarantee: “If the person receiving the gift is not 100% happy then we will refund your money. Simple as that.”

All Flowercards are made with fresh flowers. You can enjoy their beauty for up to 2 weeks depending on flower types and time of year.

Flowercard’s patented watering device (actually, it’s a pipette!) lets you add water to keep them looking great for a little longer, you just have to break through the clear stretch plastic that is used to seal the florist’s foam and ensure it is soaked thoroughly.

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Each Flowercard product is individually made to order, using freshly picked, exquisite flowers sourced from the best in the world.

Flowers are arranged by hand, stem by stem and carefully secured to a sealed oasis base. It takes time to produce something so beautiful, and so much smaller than a traditional bouquet, yet with more complexity and intricate beauty.

The perfect finishing touch is your personal message printed on the card or label.

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